BBQ Bonfire D’Nest @ Dungun Escapade

BBQ Bonfire D’Nest @ Dungun Escapade

We all seek some time away from our hectic lives to unwind and pamper ourselves with comfort and fun activities.  Some people are adrenaline junkies who prefer adventurous activities, others might want a relaxing swim at the pool or a BBQ bonfire experience while sipping a cocktail.  D’NEST offers the ultimate experience for those who want to enjoy a BBQ bonfire while indulging in the charming and serene environment of the east coast of Malaysia peninsular. Situated near the idyllic Dungun River, D’NEST will take you back to nature and the great outdoors.

The BBQ bonfire experience in Dungun is a joyous moment for families as it is romantic for couples. D’NEST has two campfire sections where you and your group can sit around the campfire to have BBQ or roast marshmallows. Our team go above and beyond to provide an all-around fulfilling experience, accommodating the desires of the guests, residents, and foreign tourists alike.

For couples visiting D’NEST, you can enjoy a romantic time with your better half at the BBQ Bonfire area while having some refreshments and watching the sunset! How soothing!  D’NEST offers one of the most spectacular setting for watching the sunset in Dungun.

The surrounding views are breathtaking and imagine taking stunning pictures in it? Overlooking the horizon? The pictures are Instagram-worthy. It’s a must-visit for those who want to make a memorable experience that your family or group of friends will cherish for years to come.

The culinary experience of the BBQ bonfire varies based on personal preferences. The BBQ Bonfire, like other experiences offered at D’NEST, is offered at the best price for you, with great discounts available for group guests. Whatever package you choose, you can expect no hidden charges at the property.

The D’NEST Bonfire location is meticulously clean and well-maintained to ensure the ultimate hygiene and comfort for our guests. Ample parking is available within the property, besides 24-hour resort security.  There are also power points for charging your electronics. Ultimately, the surrounding amenities will ensure a comfortable stay.

Need help booking?

Call us on 019 931 6130 or 019 589 6130 for individual, tailored advice for your perfect stay or send us a message with your BBQ bonfire Dungun query. In case you’re interested in simply spending time in the impressive Dungun outdoors, D’NEST has plenty of activities including ziplining, glamping, trekking, hiking, kayaking, leisure fishing and paintball target shoot challenges.