Budget Diving Holidays Malaysia

Budget Diving Holidays Malaysia

Whether you’re fascinated by the sea life or just enjoy new experiences, diving holidays offer adrenaline pumping and thrilling activities for you and your loved ones.  Swimming past turtles and flipping around extensive reefs in Pulau Tenggol will make you feel as though you belong underwater. At the island, divers enjoy a new world under the sea with world-class diving sites for your next holiday. The island offers impressive underwater visibility. Visitors to the island enjoy an affordable diving holiday in a word class dive destination.

Divers in Pulau Tenggol  and Nyireh islands are fascinated by the surrounding marine life, from the extensive coral reefs to whale sharks and diverse species of fish. The unspoilt islands are a diver’s paradise. There is so much to discover, including sighting whale sharks since the island lies on their migration path. The gentle giants are common from August to October.

Up close encounters with majestic turtles is also a highlight for many divers in the island.

We offer expert-led adventures in Pulau Tenggol that are ideal for both professional and non-professional divers. With our wealth of experience, guests at Dungun Escapade Resort can be certain of unmatched diving experience in one of the best diving destinations that Malaysia has to offer.

At Dungun Escapade Center, you have access to proper diving equipment for your ultimate safety during diving excursions. We offer thrilling diving adventures spanning the best dive sites in Pulau Tenggol. The water is pristine and perfectly warm for the ultimate diving experience. Our experienced team of Divemasters and Dive guides will help you enjoy the ultimate diving experience.

Before going for your next dive excursion, keep in mind that qualifications matter-yours and your instructors’. It is critical to look at the diving depth required for your abilities and certification. It is highly recommended that you choose a reputable dive center to make your dive holiday more enjoyable. Our diving packages entail visits to unique dive sites where guests experience the breath-taking underwater world of Malaysia. Divers can relax, eat and have fun at Dungun Escapade Resort after a dive trip.

Dungun Escapade Centre is always on the hunt for a good adventure in Pulau Tenggol. We are committed to ensuring the ultimate comfort and safety of our guests. Some of the best dive sites in Terengganu such as Tanjung Api, Tanjung Gemuk, Tokong Burung and Tokong Talang are just a boat ride away. You just have to board one of our dive boats at the Resort and sail away on a breath-taking adventure.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional diver, Dungun Escapade Resort offers affordable dive packages for diving enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. All our trainers and instructors are certified by our partner PADI.  Our diving trips are tailored to ensure guests fully benefit from the knowledge and experience of our trained experts. Combine your next family break with a diving holiday. Contact us today for an affordable dive holiday package in Pulau Tenggol.