Camping Site Dungun

Camping Site Dungun

D’NEST is a great choice for travelers looking to make unforgettable memories with family and friends in Dungun. The magical destination offers a wide array of excursions and activities for guests and residents alike-including camping at the onsite camping ground.

D’NEST campsite is a well-preserved location for those looking to connect with nature in a serene environment, away from crowds and curious eyes, within a 24 hours secure vicinity. The camping site is an ideal spot for families to unwind and escape from the increasingly concrete lifestyle in the city.

Fancy campfire? D’NEST campsite has two campfire sections where you and your camping family /group can sit around the campfire and enjoy some barbeque or roast marshmallows before calling a night with warm cocoa.

DNEST camping site offers an unmatched camping experience, with spacious and comfortable tents that are laid on lush green grass. The camping site is great for watching the sunset or sunrise with your loved one(s).  It’s an ideal space for beginners and families to spend the night, especially for those who are wary of hiking up into the mountains for a camping trip.

Camping Site Dungun is secure and family-friendly, so you can tag your kids along. The camping tents are properly spaced to ensure maximum privacy. The surrounding area is well-preserved and is, without doubt, one of the most tranquil hotspots in Terengganu. Besides camping, D’NEST is a fun space for hikers and trekkers, as the surrounding landscape offers the perfect terrain for guided and unguided trekking and hiking.

Camping amenities

D’NEST offers a range of facilities to make your camping experience memorable and comfortable. The campsite can hold as many as 50 people in various types of tents at any one time. Amenities include a bonfire for campers, a grill, free and secure parking, a restaurant, and swimming pool. There is also power points for electrical charging , your phone or tablets.

The camping ground has well-maintained common washroom and shower facilities, ensuring much comfort while still providing guests with privacy, independence, and an authentic camping experience.

A swimming pool is also available within the property for guests who want to take a deep. The property also offers activities such as kayaking, paintball target shoot challenge, and ziplining, along with access to a nearby beach, making it a perfect getaway for friends and family.

Want to stay here?

D’NEST camping site is the perfect spot for camping enthusiasts to disconnect and be themselves. Our team will go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your stay and is always available in case you have any issues. Guests can choose between overnight stays or long-term camping. Our packages are competitively priced, so you don’t have to break the bank!