Dive Master Course Tenggol

Dive Master Course Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol boasts an untapped habitat of extensive marine species including whale sharks, sea turtle, colourful corals and countless species of fish. The island is a hidden secret for diving enthusiasts, offering many untapped world-class diving sites. Pulau Tenggol is surrounded by warm tropical waters and great visibility. The island offers the best environment to complete a broad range of diving courses. Abundant pristine corals make Pulau Tenggol a favourite destination for divers.

PADI Dive Master is your ticket to being a dive professional within the PADI curriculum. The course gives you the expertise to safely lead others on fun dives. Certified Dive masters can assist instructors as a Certified Assistant on open water training dives. Our highly trained dive professionals will sharpen your skills to ensure utmost confidence and safety while in your adventures beneath the waves.

If you want to make diving a fulltime career and become an PADI instructor, PADI Dive Master Certificate is a prerequisite for any further PADI professional ratings. One of the best dive centers in the region, Dungun Escapade Center is a good choice for those seeking to become Dive Masters. Our certified instructors and well-maintained dive gear will ensure a smooth training experience.

Dungun Escapade Resort ensures that our dive courses perfectly fit each students needs. At our dive center, our philosophy is not just to teach students to dive, but teach them to become professional divers. With the turquoise warm waters and diverse marine life in Pulau Tenggol, you will gain all the experience you need to enter the professional diving world. The state of the art training facilities at Dungun Escapade Centre will enable you to achieve the ultimate Dive Master experience.

Through our comprehensive training system, we assist in helping our trainees to reach new heights in their diving journey. Dungun Escapade Center is well equipped for you to take the next steps in your diving skills and experience. Our Dive Masters choose suitable dive sites for students based on prevailing weather and sea conditions. The dive sites range from relaxing to more demanding sites.

There are many dive sites that we explore around Pulau Tenggol Island and Pulau Nyireh, all with perfectly warm tropical waters. At Dungun Escapade Center, divers are able to complete their Dive Master certification through personalized training. Dungun Escapade Resort is strategically located at the river mouth. During our daily trips, modern dive boats ferry divers to the world-class dive sites around Pulau Tenggol Island. Contact us today for customized dive and accommodation packages.