Dive Resort Tenggol

Dive Resort Tenggol

Dungun Escapade Resort is strategically located on the mainland at the river mouth of Dungun River and approximately 15 nautical miles from the magical Pulau Tenggol Island. With its prime location, guests can enjoy world-class diving at some of the most spectacular sites in Peninsular Malaysia. We are committed to providing outstanding diving holidays. Dungun Escapade Resort maintains utmost charm, character, and service.

Divers at our Resort enjoy guided access to a broad range of dive sites, from wall diving to slow and easy diving in mild currents. They can enjoy diving with elusive whale sharks, especially during the months of August-October.

Pulau Tenggol is located on the migration path of the Gentle giants. The diving adventure to the remote Tenggol Island offers an enchanting allure to all levels of divers. The dazzling reefs and marine biodiversity around Pulau Tenggol makes it an ideal location for scuba diving. There are still unmatched dive sites to be explored and critters to be identified. The sights and sounds in the underwater are beyond your imagination. Tenggol is an underwater photographer’s paradise, both macro and wide-angle lens.

Dungun Escapade Resort is designed for divers and is a gateway for an authentic tropical adventure. The resort has an onsite world-class dive center. We have partnered with the globally recognized PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructor) to provide a comprehensive range of recreational and professional diving courses.

PADI divers hold one of the most respected and sought-after diving credentials in the world. Choosing to learn diving at Dungun Escapade Center, you get to train under instructors from one of the largest and most respected diving agency in the world. The PADI system is preferred due to its instructional solid system emphasizing on dive experience. Divers have an option of pursuing their diving education as either a leisure diver or professional. For young dive enthusiasts, the PADI Bubblemakers program is designed for children aged 8 to 12 years. Taught only by instructors specifically trained in the Bubblemakers program, the classes adhere to utmost safety standards.

The accredited Dungun Escapade Center facilitates daily excursions to Pulau Tenggol, one of Malaysia’s finest diving destinations. Our trip ideas are designed to inspire you and hence tailored to suit specific needs and requirements. Our experienced, enthusiastic team will cater to your every need with regards to diving under different environments.

Scuba dive with Dungun Escapade Resort and see the beauty of brightly coloured sea fans, coral outcrops and tropical creatures up close. Dungun Escapade Resort ensures truly exceptional experiences for our guests, both above and below the water. Our affordable scuba diving packages offers daily diving excursions, inclusive boat dives,  tanks, weights, and belt, dive equipment(optional), accommodation, food & beverage and dive guides.