Diving Sites in Pulau Tenggol and Nyireh Islands

Diving Sites in Pulau Tenggol and Nyireh Islands
Pulau Tenggol off the coastal state of Terengganu is an untapped gem in the South China Sea. The Island boasts unique untapped dive sites that are perfect for underwater exploration. The tropical warm waters with incredible visibility are a favourite for divers. The sea life is just astonishing with an enviable biodiversity matched by few diving destinations. Divers in Pulau Tenggol experience a whole new world of exciting underwater features.

Pulau Nyireh boasts a school of Barracuda, tuna, groupers, rays, and mostly all the tropical marine life. The island features beautiful reefs surrounded by marine life. Divers are able to watch corals and anemones all over the gigantic rocks, on the shallow areas. While on the deeper areas, there are contemplate soft corals and wire corals.

Pulau Tenggol is a best-kept secret for divers. The island is surrounded by abundant marine life and coral haven, probably the reason for being a whale shark migratory route

Dive enthusiasts can choose their desired dive locations for scuba diving and snorkelling. The locations range from relaxing sites to the more demanding ones. Most experienced ones opt for adrenaline pumping dive sites such as Tanjung Api, Tokong Laut and Tokong Timur. Dive visits to such locations entail strong currents and deeper waters. Advanced skills are thus critical for maximum comfort and safety. The choice of diving sites mostly depends on personal preference.

Around the north section of Tenggol Island, divers can explore dive sites with interesting rock formations. Temple-like underwaters caves have been formed from giant rock walls and structures beneath the sea. Pulau Tenggol is strategically located on the whale shark migratory path. The unique dive sites around the island provide an excellent opportunity to see whale sharks, especially from August to October every year. This is usually a huge anticipation among divers.

Coral Garden is home to an extensive sea of sand dunes. At the location, a blending of mild currents and calm conditions creates a perfect diving environment. Divers can get some excellent coral shots. Tanjung Api and Sri Nokhota dive sites are found in the most western area of Pulau Tenggol as you head to the north. The dive sites can be explored by open water divers. However, a reasonable range of experience ability is recommended due to the potential depth plus possible surges. Currents tend to be occasionally unpredictable.

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When was your last dive experience? In case it has been long, then it is highly advisable that you take a refresher dive first before diving again. This ensures maximum comfort while under water. At Dungun Escapade Centre, we offer world-class training facilities for both professional and recreational divers. For beginners, our experienced team will guide you towards your first diving adventure. Based on your skills and training, we offer advice on the best dive locations in Pulau Tenggol and Nyireh Islands.

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