Dungun Escapade Resort

Dungun Escapade Resort

Dungun Escapade Resort is nestled at a prime location on the mainland at the river mouth of Dungun River. Its idyllic setting makes it a perfect getaway for dive and snorkel enthusiasts. It’s a just a boat ride away from Pulau Tenggol, the main diving destination in Terengganu. With exclusive and pristine surroundings, it is truly one of the best kept secrets in Peninsular Malaysia.

We facilitate daily guided excursions to the magical Pulau Tenggol Island which is about 15 nautical miles from the resort. An array of activities can be enjoyed in Pulau Tenggol including scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploration. With its unmatched range of dive sites, the tropical island is a diver’s paradise. Just a short boat ride away from our resort, Pulau Tenggol offers exclusive access to miles of pristine coral reefs, where diverse and incredible undersea landscapes harbor one of the most abundant marine biodiversity in Peninsular Malaysia.

Our onsite Dive Center has everything you need for both training and leisure dives. Our well maintained and serviced dive equipment are available for rental. Dungun Escapade Center is accredited by the internationally recognized PADI diving education system. PADI’s training system and philosophy uphold the highest standards relating to international diving standards. We provide quality training and certification for a broad range of divers up to instructor level.

There is no better way to experience the underwater world of sea life, boat wrecks, fascinating rock structures, coral formations and schools of colorful fish than scuba diving in Pulau Tenggol.  The island is strategically located on the whale shark migration route.

Divers can thus enjoy diving with the elusive sea animals, especially during the months of August-October. Our experienced Dive Masters and instructors facilitate daily dive visits to world-class dive sites, setting the stage for some of the best marine life encounters imaginable. Your safety and comfort while underwater is their utmost concern. Whether you are a beginner or experienced diver, the knowledgeable dive exerts will take the time to ensure you have a great time exploring the underwater wonderland.

Dungun Escapade Resort provides a memorable stay in cosy rooms. We offer customized dive and accommodation packages for divers and non-divers alike.  Guests are served with a fine selection of aromatic cuisines after thrilling adventures.  The resort offers a plenitude of amenities and comforts for the ultimate dive holiday. Our daily dive trips offer memorable experiences that you will always cherish. We are committed to fulfilling customer’s desires and thus tailor an exclusive personalized diving package to fit your individual needs.