Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

All you need in one stop

You can find information for all of our Dive Gear & Equipment Rental here. If you have any question, just drop us a line with the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Scuba Cylinder(s) with 2in1 thermo valve, weight(s) and weight belt(s) are included in the diving package.

Dive Gear / Equipment Rental Charges

DescriptionRinggit Malaysia
Full Set (without dive computer, compass & torchlight)80.00
Regulator Set30
Mask & Snorkel15
Full Foot Fins10
Shorty (Wetsuit)25
Dive Computer (Suunto Zoop)50
Wrist Compass10
Torchlight c/w batteries50
Tank Rental (air) - per tank25 per tank
Tank Rental (Nitrox 32%) - per tank55 per tank
Pool rental per student per tank (Confined Water training)25 per day
Damage (Regulator First stage)300
Damage (Hose)100
Camera Olympus TG5 with housing (with USB)90
Camera Olympus TG5 with housing (without USB)60
Damage (flooded camera)300
Damage (missing camera)500
Surface Marker Buoy20

Note: Due to limitation of sizes of the equipment, kindly book in advance.