Explore Dungun with D’NEST @ Dungun Escapade

Explore Dungun with D’NEST @ Dungun Escapade

Dungun is one of Southeast Asia’s thriving tourist destinations. With a wide array of places to visit and amazing adventures to experience, Dungun sets itself aside as the prime coastal holiday hub. D’NEST @Dungun Escapade ensures that you experience the best of Dungun, whether you are travelling alone with family or colleagues. Here, we strive to facilitate your vacation the best way we know and provide all the right ingredients for a fun-soaked trip.

If you have never been to Dungun, the charming beauty of the coastal paradise is something to behold, something you can’t quite understand until you visit. Located in an idyllic location in Dungun, D’NEST @Dungun Escapade has fun activities in store including swimming, snorkeling, ziplining, rope obstacle courses, kayaking, paintball target shoot challenge, trekking, hiking, family camping and fishing, among others. When it comes to outdoor activities, there is certainly something to please every kind of traveler.

For those who seek to visit Dungun for team-building activities, there are amazing adventures in store. When it comes to outdoor stuff, you will be spoilt for choice. Outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and nature walks will leave you yearning for more. Whichever activity you choose, we have a team of experienced guides, therefore, your safety will be assured.

D’NEST has designed unique and fun team-building and bonding activities in Dungun, that promote employee morale through problem-solving, active collaboration and powerful conversations. We offer discounted rates for big groups.


At D’NEST, we are every camper’s dream. Enjoy outdoor nights staring at star-filled Dungun skies. Our camping offers are inclusive of individuals, groups, families and even children. D’NEST also offers a comfort-based camping style where glampers get to enjoy nature at its best, without compromising on luxury.

In addition to all the activities listed, you will also get to experience the best of Malaysian culture and food. With D’NEST, you will be served the best Malaysian dishes and sample as many as you wish while with your friends and family.

When to Travel

Malaysia experiences a Tropical climate which makes it generally warm. Because of this, you can visit Dungun at any time throughout the year. With D’NEST, you will also be able to plan comprehensively for your trip. We offer individual or group packages for you to visit as per your preferences, interests, and budget.

At D’NEST, we leave no stone unturned. If you looking to explore Dungun, D’NEST will be with you every step of the way. Do not be left behind, join the scores of visitors flocking in for an unforgettable experience. Book online and start your explore Dungun adventure today.