Fishing in Dungun

Fishing in Dungun

Dungun is with synonymous with fishing, considering it has been a major activity that has been deeply ingrained in our culture for many decades. Today, many people in Dungun take part in fishing not just for food but for leisure and as a way of interacting with nature.

Dungun river is very clean and is rich in many types of freshwater fish such as keli, patin, puyu, baung, tilapia, ketutu, and prawns, among others. This makes it an ideal fishing destination for seasoned and novice fishermen alike. Also, fishing in Dungun allows you to get a taste of our rich Malaysian culture. For photography lovers, Dungun river is a great location to take some Instagram-worthy pictures.

There is no better hobby around than fishing. At Dungun Escapade you can enjoy the best fishing holiday experience in Dungun and its environs. Fishing gives you the chance to escape the hustle and buzzle of your normal lives while adding some bit of fun. The location is pristine and relaxing with some of the best views in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

We will train you

Ever wanted to be like one of those guys fishing in TV commercials? Our fishing trips in Dungun are designed to make all your fishing dreams come true. Besides providing you with the best fishing equipment, D’NEST facilitator will train you how to fish, regardless of whether you have prior experience or not. D’NEST has experienced boatmen who know the ins and outs of the river and will guide you to the best fishing spots in Dungun.

Personalized Deals

At D’NEST, you are sure to enjoy joyful getaways. Whether, you are looking to visit with your spouse, family, friends and even colleagues, D’NEST offers you flexible deals that are specifically suited for you. Your fishing trip can include one fishing location or a variety of spots along the Dungun river, depending on your desired trip length and preferred target species.

Awesome Getaway

Many groups who have visited us before recount fond memories of their fishing expeditions. You too can create moments that you will cherish for years to come. Most visitors yearn to come back to D’NEST during every holiday.  Besides fishing, thrill seekers can also experience such as Paintball target shoot challenge, Kayaking, Rope obstacle course, zaipling, BBQ bonfire and other fun activities at D’NEST Dungun Escapade.

Looking to do leisure fishing in Dungun? With D’NEST Dungun Escapade,  your fun is our priority! Feel free to reach out to us for bookings and more enquiries.