Freediving Course Tenggol

Freediving Course Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol in Terengganu boasts of rich marine life and exquisite natural beauty. It is approximately 15 nautical miles from   Dungun Escapade Resort which is strategically located on the mainland at the river mouth of Dungun River. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, the island offers suitable spots for freediving. Dungun Escapade Resort has a world-class diving center that hosts top-notch diving courses.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, Pulau Tenggol offers suitable tropical conditions for your freediving needs. Our Freediving courses are per international standards and are geared towards exploring your potential regarding freediving. Freediving in Pulau Tenggol enables you to fully experience the thrilling enchantment of the South China Sea.

Whichever freediving experience you seek, PADI Freediving course will get you pumped and ready for the ultimate freedive. Our instructors at Dungan Dive center are experienced trainers who take pride in sharing their expertise and passion with our visitors.

On completion of the Freediving courses, students are mentally and physically fit to set off on a freediving adventure. Guests to Dungun Escapade center get the up to date materials to get you ready for freediving visit. Our students get the most comprehensive Freediving courses, whether from beginner to instructor levels. We offer proficient instructors for you to take your freediving to the next level and explore new possibilities. We provide a safe environment to enable you to interact with marine life.

At Pulau Tenggol, the warm tropical water and impressive visibility will help build your comfort in the water and confidence in your freediving abilities. Our team incorporates fun freedives into the courses, thus enabling you to enjoy learning process while exploring the stunning reefs and aquatic life.

The PADI Freediving course is the entry course for beginners with no prior experience in freediving. Students get a deep insight into freediving, learning appropriate breathing skills and knowledge to enable them to dive safely to depths of up to 20 meters.

Students undergo thorough theory and pool sessions. This gets them ready and comfortable for freediving in the sea. It is critical that students master breath holding activity for the ultimate diving experience in Pulau Tenggol. Completion of at least 4 freedive sessions sets you on the right road to earn your Freediving certificate.

The PADI Advanced Freediving  gets you ready for deeper freedive challenges. Students complete at least 6 freedive sessions, besides additional training from our freediving Instructor at Dungun Escapade center. Students who earn this certification are perfectly set for an SSI freediving professional career path.

Freediving enthusiasts who earn the Master Freediving certificate are ahead of the curve in the diving industry. To earn this level, at least 30 freedive sessions and training is required to gain mastery freediving skills.  Dungun Escapade center is a best-kept secret for those looking to undergo top-notch freediving course.