Freediving Site Malaysia

Freediving Site Malaysia

Freediving is one of the top activities you can experience in Dungun Escapade Resort. During freediving trips to Pulau Tenggol, visitors get to unwind as they interact with an enviable variety of sea life in their natural environment. A top diving location in Peninsular Malaysia, the island is a well-kept secret for freediving enthusiasts.

The dive sites around Pulau Tenggol offer unmatched freediving experience for both beginners and experienced divers.  Dungun Escapade Resort provides experienced guides and instructors that accompany divers on each dive trip. This is critical for utmost safety. We advise our divers on suitable periods for the ultimate freediving experiences.

Freediving enables divers to immerse themselves in an adrenaline rushing action that involves experiencing the peaceful rhythms of the ocean. For many freediving enthusiasts, their interest in freediving is fuelled by the desire to challenge themselves mentally and physically. The pristine waters of Pulau Tenggol boast abundant sea life. Through freediving, you get in touch with the environment in its most natural form. Divers also enjoy thrilling up-close encounters with an enviable range of fish.

At Dungun Escapade Center, students undergo thorough training per globally accepted standards; divers achieve a deep insight that boosts their freediving experience in Pulau Tenggol. Freediving enthusiasts enjoy the allure of the sea by exploring the untapped underwater world. We are committed to helping our guests to discover things that most people won’t ever see with their own eyes.

Dungun Escapade center has a broad range of well-maintained equipment for the utmost safety of our visitors during dive visits. Our experienced Divemasters and instructors guide the divers on the proper use of the different dive equipment. This ensures utmost comfort and safety of our guests.

Freediving is an excellent physical fitness activity that combines control breathing and calmness. Divers burn many calories numbers through moving anaerobically as compared to aerobic exercise. Freediving helps enthusiasts achieve calmness and pushing your comfort levels while learning to be as relaxed as possible.

With more experience, you can even explore into a few additional feet of depth with the right guidance from our instructors.  Pulau Tenggol offers perfect freediving sites for courses and first-time divers. The tropical island has calm turquoise waters providing breathtaking visibility.  There are many shallow freediving sites around Dungun Escapade Resorts for beginners. Our freediving courses entail learning how to control your heart rate and breathe efficiently. It’s a great feeling being in depth and feeling your body make adaptions to enable diving.