Glamping Park @D’Nest Dungun

Glamping Park @D’Nest Dungun

Glamping has become increasingly popular in Malaysia and beyond, thanks, in part, to the perfect social media photos shared by glampers. It combines the best of nature and tranquility with modern amenities and is an excellent way to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Never been glamping before? Well, you are in for a treat.

D’NEST offers a comfort-based camping style where glampers get to enjoy nature at its best, without compromising on luxury. A must-visit for Glamping enthusiasts, Glamping Park @D’Nest Dungun is without a doubt one of the most beautiful glamping destinations you can find in the East Cost of Peninsular Malaysia.           

Glamping Park @D’Nest Dungun prioritize comfort above everything else, creating a cosy home away from home in a tranquil paradise. At night, you can enjoy a hearty bonfire as you enjoy the night with your family or friends.

A natural setting for your break

Glamping Park @D’Nest Dungun is a perfect getaway where you can be one with nature without compromising your personal comfort. The spacious tents suit every glamper’s comfort needs. A moment of peace and serenity, surrounded by a beautiful landscape with healthy flora and fauna. An immersive experience in nature, and that’s all you need to get your glamp on and refresh your soul!

The park is ideal for families or couples who want to unwind and stay close to nature in an idyllic location with a 24hours resort security. Glamping Park @D’Nest Dungun promotes conservation, providing habitats for varying flora and fauna species and letting them thrive. We run the park with sustainability in mind.

Eating well is essential when it comes to glamping. In this regard, the team at DNEST are at your service with scrumptious meals and tasty beverages available. With a restaurant available within the property, Glamping Park Dungun is essentially an extended gourmet picnic.

The glamping park is a suitable adventure destination for locals and tourists who want to indulge in a myriad of outdoor adventure sports. The onsite activities and facilities are designed for all members of the family.

Safe adventure

At Glamping Park, the safety of our guests is our utmost priority. We have dedicated much attention to safety and cleanliness, taking all necessary steps to make you feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed.  Not to mentioned that we have a 24 hours security team from the resort going around. The team is always pleased to welcome guests and answer any queries that they may have.

Offering the ultimate glamping experience for romantic vacationers and families alike, there isn’t an occasion you cannot celebrate at Glamping Park @D’Nest Dungun. The glamping tents are waterproof, so you can enjoy your stay regardless of the weather.

Looking for a unique glamping experience in Dungun? DNEST is an impressive glamping destination thanks to its conducive weather, ample hiking opportunities, and extensive campgrounds.  Leave your camping tent, and mosquito net at home, because all you need at the DNEST Glamping Park glamping is a suitcase. We look forward to welcoming you!