Home Stay Dungun

Home Stay Dungun

Dungun Escapade Resort is a hidden gem that enjoys close proximity to the South China Sea. We are found approximately 15 nautical miles from Pulau Tenggol Island. Most of the surrounding areas are untapped, making it an ideal location for those seeking a unique homestay experience. Dungun Escapade Resort is nestled near the river mouth in Terengganu. It is ideal if you plan to do some sightseeing and enjoy nature at its best around Peninsular Malaysia. Interact with the locals in Dungun and enjoy the warm Malaysian hospitality.

At Dungun Escapade Resort, visitors enjoy various river activities such as fishing, mangrove and firefly tour. At the core of the homestay experience in Dungun Escapade Resort is our staff being present to welcome guests into our world-class resort. We offer the chance to live like a local and fully experience the tropical surroundings in Dungun. They can immerse themselves in the local culture as they go sightseeing in the popular spots around our resort.

We offer daily trips to Kuala Terengganu, the capital city of Terengganu state. Visits can be done to the state museum, the largest in Malaysia with outdoor and indoor museum, also not forgetting the crystal Mosque in Islamic Civilization Park. Last but not least, take a short walk along Chinatown and the local Pasar Payang. What’s a holiday without unique food? We also offer an unmatched range of authentic aromatic cuisines.

With our local knowledge, we are committed to making sure guests see beyond the usual tourist trail in Peninsular Malaysia. Our dive guides facilitate daily excursions to the magical Pulau Tenggol, further complementing your homestay experience. We offer affordable accommodation for dive enthusiasts wishing to earn their scuba dive certification at Dungun Escapade Center. Whether for training or leisure dives, a comprehensive range of dive equipment is available for the ultimate safety and comfort.

Dungun Escapade Center has partnered with PADI to provide full range diving courses for both professional and leisure divers. We are committed to producing expert divers who can dive comfortably in a wide range of environments. Our dive Center, therefore, boasts modern facilities geared to provide the ultimate learning experience.

At Dungun Escapade Resort, our highly trained staff will help you discover unique interests and hobbies for the ultimate homestay experience in Dungun. It is our wish that the spirit of Malaysian hospitality is kept alive. We, therefore, ensure the ultimate experience of traditional Malaysian charm for our guests.

Dungun Escapade Resort is for the adventurous gang, as it’s surrounded by pristine tropical vegetation and a river that offers vast diverse activities such as river fishing, mangrove tours and firefly tours. The resort overlooks the rive Dungun and World class scuba diving spots are just a short 30minutes boat ride. Our experienced Dive Masters and instructors offer guided trips to the best dive sites around Pulau Tenggol. There is definitely something for everyone, irrespective of the level of experience and certification. Dungun Escapade Resort has a variety of amenities to suit individual needs.

We offer customized packages for unmatched homestay experience in Peninsular Malaysia. If you and your friends and loved ones are looking for a quiet getaway to rejuvenate, you should definitely check out Dungun Escapade Resort.