International Diving Certification Tenggol

International Diving Certification Tenggol

It is such a great asset for marine lovers who enjoy to dive and exploring the beauty of the oceans to earn a scuba diving certification. Many dive enthusiasts are keen to earn their dream certification, whether for recreational or professional purposes. There are many courses to choose from depending on individual interest and level. Diving courses not only give you the certificate to dive, they are designed for your safety and to enhance your diving skills under different environments. It is thus critical not to rush when taking diving lessons.

Professional Association of Diving Intructors (PADI) is one of the most dominant diving agencies in the world. It offers one of the most sought-after courses with regards to international diving certification. PADI has a comprehensive range of teaching materials, standards, and certifications which their certified instructors use to conduct the course. PADI’s philosophy and standards uphold the highest standards relating to international diving standards.

The quality of diving courses hugely depends on the diving center you train with, besides the attitude of your dive instructors. At the world-class Dungun Escapade Center, we have partnered with PADI to give you international recognized diving certifications. PADI offers a wealth of experience in providing scuba diving certification and educational resources. At our dive center, we are able to customize your diving experience. Divers can try adventure dives from a variety of PADI specialty programs.

Diving is an adventure sport that requires utmost comfort and discipline while you are underwater. PADI programs are designed to bring your skills, fun and overall experience to a whole new level. There are at least 20 prime diving sites around Pulau Tenggol and Pulau Nyireh that are accessed by boat from Dungun Escapade Resort. The tropical island offers ideal sites for both recreational and professional diving. Diving is done in small groups for the ultimate safety while working towards getting your diving certification.

PADI offers a comprehensive range of programs for both divers wishing to follow either a recreational or professional route. The diving agency has a very informative and user-friendly website at Dive enthusiasts can find more information regarding levels of diving, technical diving, the PADI philosophy, job searches and much more.

With the great diversity in dive sites found in Pulau Tenggol, we provide our guests with the highest possible training standards. Earn your PADI dive professional certification at Dungun Escapade Center and master the knowledge and skills needed to safely act as an PADI dive professional in both professional and nonprofessional dive situations.

For beginners, the PADI Freediving Level 1 program provided students with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely engage in recreational freediving. Upon completion of the program, students are able to freedive autonomously to a depth that is equivalent to their training.

If you want to achieve International diving certification, PADI is the diving agency for you. Feel free to check out Dungun Escapade Center for packages, training or guided trips.