Open Water Diver Certification Tenggol

Open Water Diver Certification Tenggol

Open Water Diver certification is your window into a lifelong fulfilling adventure as a certified scuba diver. The globally recognized program blends in personalized training with in-water practice sessions. It is designed to impart dive enthusiasts with skills and experience that are fundamental to become truly comfortable underwater.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructor) is a dominant diving agency with countless certified diving centers in strategic locations across the globe. Open Water Diver programs start with academic sessions. PADI has designed a comprehensive range of subjects that are easy and fun for the ultimate learning experience. Instructors assist potential divers in the subjects that they might have difficulties with. A broad range of student materials are provided for all core and specialty courses.

Academic sessions are followed by confined water sessions where students take what they have learned and apply the knowledge in realistic training scenarios in confined water. At this stage, divers are introduced to the scuba equipment that they will need while underwater. Potential divers have to know how to appropriately use Snorkel, buoyancy control device, mask, regulator, and fins before earning their Open Water Diver certification. Different sizes and varieties of equipment are available for utmost comfort and safety.

Open Water training dives is the last stage prior to earning the PADI Open Water Certification. Potential divers complete at least four open water training dives under the guidance of Instructors. At Dungun Escapade Center, divers achieve deep insight into diving skills and use of diving equipment.

The sensation of breathing underwater as bubbles tickle your face is surreal. Kicking through the water, weightless is a special feeling that will easily make you fall in love with diving. At Dungun Escapade Center, the enthusiasm of our experienced Divemasters and Instructors will give you the confidence that you need to become an experienced diver.

Millions of people have learned to scuba dive and gone on to explore the wonders of the marine world through the PADI Open Water Diver program. No prior scuba experience is needed. However, it is critical that potential divers have adequate swimming skills, besides good physical health. The course is designed to build comfort through repetition. Like all other PADI courses, Open Water Diver program is designed with the diver’s safety in mind. Practice is required in order to become comfortable with all essential skills.

Dungun Escapade Resort offers customized packages for training, guided trips and accommodation. If you’ve always wanted to take scuba lessons, contact us today and experience unmatched adventures as you explore the untouched world beneath the waves.