Open Water Diver Course Tenggol

Open Water Diver Course Tenggol

If you’ve always wanted to discover new adventures beneath the waves, the PADI Open Water Course is where to start. At our diving center, we will introduce you to the adventurous diving lifestyle. With a combination of ideal tropical conditions and the reputable Dungun Escapade Center, Pulau Tenggol is one of the best spots to train for Open water diving.

What’s fun about the Open Water Diver course? Well, learning to dive is an incredible experience. Our experienced instructors will help you master everything you need to know to become a certified diver. The Open Water Diver course will entail at least four pool training dives under the supervision of the instructors. At Dungun Escapade center, you learn how to use all essential scuba diving gear and accessories .

For beginners, our instructors will teach you about all the basic terminology, diving skills, and safety procedures. Upon adequate training, you get to practice the skills with your instructor. We are committed to helping our students in making proper decisions on the diving equipment that they will use in their underwater adventures. Come get certified at Dungun Escapade Centre and experience the untapped natural marine life in Pulau Tenggol.

It is critical that scuba enthusiasts have the skills and experience needed for maximum comfort and safety underwater. At Dungun Escapade Centre, we offer personalized training depending on individual scuba dive needs. Our equipment is well maintained and serviced for effectiveness in water practice sessions. Dungun Escapade center has a broad range of equipment that is tailored to the tropical conditions in Pulau Tenggol. We take pride in helping divers acquire the expertise for the ultimate comfort and safety while underwater.

Dungun Escapade Resort is strategically located near the River mouth in Terengganu. Besides our scuba diving trips, the resort offers guided mangrove and firefly tours. Our proficient instructors are continuously trained on new state of the art technologies relating to diving. Dungun Escapade Resort has a made for itself as a reputable dive center in Malaysia. Owing to our proficiency, several government bodies regularly send their trainees to our resort to acquire the much-needed skills and knowledge trainings. We are committed to leveraging the best equipment in the market for your diving needs in Pulau Tenggol.

Are you interested in diving and looking for lessons in the untapped Pulau Tenggol? Well, don’t look any further!  Dungun Escapade Center is proud to offer personalized diving experience.