Scuba Diving Certification Cost Malaysia

Scuba Diving Certification Cost Malaysia

Diving in Malaysia is ideal for all type of divers from Open Water Divers to Dive Professionals. Waters are generally warm, calm and with colourful reefs. Located in Peninsular Malaysia, Pulau Tenggol Island is one of the best-kept secrets for dive enthusiasts. There are stretches of untapped coral reefs to explore, as well as elusive marine life only found in few other destinations in this part of the world.

PADI diving certification programs will give you fundamental skills and knowledge you need for ultimate comfort and safety during diving excursions. PADI requires potential divers to purchase all the training materials with the Dive Center you do the practical training with. The costs of the Open Water course include the course materials. The choice of Dive Center and instructors is critical with regards to how much you learn and how well you master the skills you need to be an experienced diver.

Dungun Escapade Center offers internationally recognized PADI programs. Upon getting an Open Water Diver Certification, the possibilities are endless. With highly trained Divemasters and Instructors, you can be certain of the right help in becoming a capable and enthusiastic diver.

For beginners, Open Water Diver is the window to your lifelong adventure as a certified diver. At Dungun Escapade Center, we blend personalized training with in water practice sessions for the ultimate learning experience. It is our commitment that divers are truly comfortable underwater. Being PADI partners, the certifications are issued directly by the Dungun Escapade Center. Trainees receive them straight after successful completion of the course. We make getting your PADI dive certificate easy and relaxing.

Dungun Escapade Center is approximately 15 nautical miles from Pulau Tenggol. It is located on the mainland at the river mouth of Dungun River. Pulau Tenggol Island is easily accessed via a boat ride from Dungun Escapade Resort. At our world-class training facility, we help diving enthusiasts acquire PADI certification at affordable rates. Dungun Escapade Center is accredited and offers both recreational and professional certifications at affordable costs.


Dungun Escapade Center offers a comprehensive range of courses for Recreational Diving.

Try Scuba Diving (Pool experience only)150
Try Scuba Diving with additional one (1) dive220
Scuba Skill Update (Refresher)250
Open Water Diver1550
Open Water Diver (Referral)900
Advanced Adventurer1000
SC - Diver Stress & Rescue1000
SC - React Right (First Aid / O2 / AED Training)700
SC – Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)550
Specialty Course900
Dive Guide3000


Our experienced Dive instructors will help you achieve your SSI professional certifications.  The Advanced Open Water Instructor course is inclusive of 5 instructor specialty. Couse duration usually varies depending on factors such as individual needs. Private classes can be arranged. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our professional packages.

Assistant Instructor4500
React Right Instructor (First Aid / O2 / AED Training)2000
Training Specialist1500
Instructor Training Course (ITC)8500
Advanced Open Water Instructor (incl. 5 Instructor Specialty)4200
Instructor Specialty Course1500

There are over 20 dive sites around Pulau Tenggol, offering unforgettable underwater experiences for experienced divers seeking to be diving professionals. A broad range of well-maintained modern equipment is available at Dungun Escapade Center. This is critical to ensure you acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a professional diver.