Scuba Diving Courses Tenggol

Scuba Diving Courses Tenggol

Have you ever dreamt of scuba diving in turquoise tropical waters full of abundant marine life and corals? Or wished to experience the thrill of close up encounters with big fishes and dolphins with a sea turtle face to face in its natural environment? Dungun Escapade Resort takes pride in enabling scuba dive enthusiasts to achieve their desired diving certificates. With our experienced instructors at Dungun Escapade Center, visitors go through crucial scuba diving courses before diving into an adrenaline pumping adventure beneath the sea.

The PADI Open Water Diver is internationally recognized certification to begin your fulfilling adventure as a certified scuba diver.  It is critical that you undergo thorough in water practice sessions in order to master the skills and experience required to truly enjoy your underwater experience. After earning the PADI Open Water Diver certification, you set off on a fulfilling and lifelong adventure as a certified open water diver. Personalized diver courses are essential in order to cater for individual needs regarding scuba diving in Pulau Tenggol.

Through the Open Water Diver course, millions of scuba enthusiasts have mastered how to scuba dive and gone to discover the thrilling aquatic world beneath water bodies. No prior scuba experience is needed to enrol in an Open Water Diver course. It is critical that you have good swimming skills, besides being physically fit.

Located near Pulau Tenggol, Dungun Escapade Resort offers access to some of Malaysia’s most pristine and extensive marine life and unmatched dive sites. Before enrolling in a diving course, it is crucial for you to choose a credited dive center. Learning from experienced  scuba instructor will help you achieve ultimate scuba diving experience.

Enrolling in an Open Water diver course is your door to a lifelong thrilling adventure as a certified open water diver. At Dungun Escapade Center, the diving course is tailored to individual needs. It is our commitment that the students master the experience and skills necessary for maximum comfort while underwater.

Pulau Tenggol boasts impressive underwater topography and unmatched beaches. Dungun Escapade Resort offers a well-equipped center with well-maintained diving equipment. We take pride in ensuring utmost safety for all our divers. Our crew and fleet have been sufficiently tested and meet relevant safety standards with regards to scuba diving.  We provide you with the right equipment for the tropical waters in Pulau Tenggol.

The underwater sites are every photographer’s dream.  With coral reefs, crystal clear visibility at times can reach 20m and world-class dive sites teeming with abundant marine life, there are endless opportunities for impressive underwater photos. After a thrilling day of scuba diving, what better way to relax than enjoy the unique vibe, awesome foods and cold drinks at the world class Dungun Escapade Resort?