Scuba Diving Lessons Cost Tenggol

Scuba Diving Lessons Cost Tenggol
Malaysia scuba diving offers a broad range of experiences for both professional and recreational divers. The country is blessed with some of the richest marine bioversity in the world, with incredible dive sites around islands such as Pulau Tenggol.  The tranquil and untapped islands, especially in the South China Sea, are the basis for Malaysia’s claim as a world-class diving hub.

Pulau Tenggol is a favourite dive destination for many divers keen on exploring Malaysia’s incredible underwater. The remote island is surrounded by pristine corals, unique rock formations, and abundant sea life. Dungun Escapade resort is located at the river mouth on the mainland. The beautiful tropical setting will truly complement the world-class dive sites around Tenggol Island, which is a boat ride away.

It’s the dream of many dive enthusiasts to become experienced divers, capable of diving comfortably at a variety of dive sites. Getting your scuba diving certification is your first step to exploring the underwater world. Dungun Escapade Center has partnered with Scuba Schools International (SSI), one of the most formidable diving agencies in the world. We offer a full range of SSI scuba diving courses per international standards. Whether you are a beginner with zero experience in diving or you are an experienced diver wishing to take your diving to the next level, we have a package for you.

At Dungun Escapade Center, we offer all you could possibly want from your dive training at a reasonable cost. Our Divemasters and Instructors have a wealth of experience in teaching the internationally recognized SSI Dive courses. We offer guided dives with highly trained professionals that are certain to sharpen your skills and confidence.

We offer a comprehensive range of scuba diving courses from beginner level to professional. Specialties courses offered include Recreational Sidemount, Enriched Air Nitrox, Digital underwater photography, wreck,deep, boat, perfect buoyancy and numerous other environment sepcialtyies such as Shark, Turtle, Fish ID, Underwater Naturalist. The scuba specialties are offered depending on preference and level of training.

Peninsular Malaysia boasts some world-class dive sites that make it a diver’s paradise. With our accumulated experience in the industry, we recommend the best sites in Tenggol depending on diver’s experience and level of training. Scuba diving lessons costs vary by region and dive center.

At Dungun Escapade center, we are committed to providing the ultimate learning experience for our guests. For a reasonable amount, student can have their own personal equipment, quality instruction, relevant course materials and certification. It is critical that student master all the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to become expert divers (and not just someone with a diving license).


Dungun Escapade Center offers full range SSI courses for Recreational Diving.

Try Scuba Diving (Pool experience only)150
Try Scuba Diving with additional one (1) dive220
Scuba Skill Update (Refresher)250
Open Water Diver1550
Open Water Diver (Referral)900
Advanced Adventurer1000
SC - Diver Stress & Rescue1000
SC - React Right (First Aid / O2 / AED Training)700
SC – Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)550
Specialty Course900
Dive Guide3000

Our experienced Divemasters and instructors will help you achieve your SSI professional certifications at Pulau Tenggol.

Assistant Instructor4500
React Right Instructor (First Aid / O2 / AED Training)2000
Training Specialist1500
Instructor Training Course (ITC)8500
Advanced Open Water Instructor (incl. 5 Instructor Specialty)4200
Instructor Specialty Course1500
There are so many outstanding opportunities for scuba diving in Pulau Tenggol. Contact Dungun Escapade Resort for a memorable diving experience. Our customized packages include accommodation, training, and guided trips.