Scuba Diving License Tenggol

Scuba Diving License Tenggol

For many professional divers, it all started with the urge to explore the underwater and experience what the untapped world beneath the ocean waves has to offer.

Looking for a world recognized Scuba Diving School? Dungun Escapade Resort boasts a world-class dive center that facilitates training and guided dive trips around the exquisite Pulau Tenggol Island. We are PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructor) approved training center.

Enrolling in a diving course and subsequently getting a license is an entry into a new exciting world of underwater adventure and discovery. A wide range of scuba and snorkelling equipment allows properly trained divers to safely and comfortably explore dive sites.

At the heart of a diver’s training is having a deep insight into how the equipment works and the techniques for their safe use. It is critical that students undertake sufficient guided dive trips in the course of study leading to certification.

Diving training is done by instructors who are trained and certified by the dozen training agencies available in different parts of the world.   Scuba training agencies such as PADI design and publish diving training manuals, promulgate training standards, certify and monitor the performance of instructors. Training agencies issue diver certification upon completion of the course and fulfilment of all necessary requirements.

Diving instructors usually operate and are guided by the rules and regulations of the diving agency to which they belong. They can either offer training independently or more commonly, employed by a training facility. Diving training consists of classroom study, confined water or pool training and open water training. Entry requirements and training methods vary around the world. It is critical that potential divers have a reasonable level of physical fitness, good health and ability to swim.

It is crucial that students undertake diving training with well qualified and experienced instructors. Instructional methods should be tailored to your specific needs. Students learn the function of all diving equipment while in a confined water or pool. Potential divers get to master a myriad of essential skills such as how to clear water from a flooded mask, breath from a regulator and properly controlling buoyancy. Truth is, the skills may seem overwhelming and difficult at first. However, with enough practice, they become second nature.

Upon successfully demonstrating fundamental diving skills, divers are permitted to engage in recreational diving in conditions similar to those under which they trained, without further supervision. For beginners, initial practical training mostly takes place in the pool and confined water. In a step by step process, Potential divers develop the skills they need to become an Open Water Diver. Instructors demonstrate and practice with students in a calm body of water until they are ready to dive in the ocean.

Beginners should expect at least three pool or confined water sessions. As you progress, your instructor will guide you into deeper waters, where you learn more knowledge and skills. Students also get to master complicated skills such as what do to in an out of air situation. Open Water Dives is the final step of a training course before certification.

The number of dives varies with training agency and individual performance.  It is an exciting part of training as you get to dive in the ocean and demonstrate your skills as you explore.

Dungun Escapade Center offers a world-class training facility for abroad range of diver certifications, from beginners to professional. With our highly skilled instructors there to guide you, you will learn to gain confidence and dive with ease in the most demanding dive sites.

Take a PADI dive course at Dungun Escapade Center and breathe easy underwater. Our customized packages include accommodation, training, and guided trips.