Scuba Diving Packages Tenggol

Scuba Diving Packages Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol is a world-class and untapped underwater wonderland. It is a top destination to experience the abundant species and sizes of fish in their natural environment.

The natural island enjoys a broad range of sealife owing to its isolation. The pristine scuba diving sites nearby Dungan Dive Resort are popular for their excellent visibility and warm waters, making it a top destination for divers. Pulau Tenggol boasts of stunning corals for a thrilling underwater exploration.

Scuba divers who enjoys the thrill of viewing magnificent sea life can feast their eyes on whale sharks, massive sized fish, and dolphins, among other friendly beasts.

Dungan Dive Resort is located on the whale shark path, making it a convenient sit for sightseeing the magnificent shoals of sharks, among other exclusive sea life.

We offer fully customized scuba dive packages to cater for a broad range of individuals. With competitive rates for different scuba packages, leisure guests can book with Dungun Escapade Resort and enjoy scuba dives throughout their stay. All they have to do is board a boat from our resort in the mainland and sail blissfully to the isolated Pulau Tenggol Island. We set up all your diving gear and equipment for an unmatched diving experience.

Scuba is one of the best activities for those seeking thrilling fun and pumping adrenaline. Before you can dive into your scuba gear, you need to be scuba certified, for example by scuba diving partners. It is critical to work with a proficient instructor. This helps you achieve that ultimate diving experience. By choosing a certified instructor, you get deep insight into everything you need to master to be safe underwater. As part of our scuba packages, reputable and certified instructors establish good practices and course standards that will ensure utmost safety, even without  prior experience in diving.

Under the Day trip package, visitors at Dungun Escapade Resort receive 3 dives per day with proficient dive guides at dive sites around Pulau Tenggol. Besides diving equipment including tanks, we offer Food and Beverages for you.. However, the scuba package excludes personal expenses and insurance.

 DungunDive Resort offers comprehensive scuba diving courses for all levels from Open water diver to Dive Professional. We also provide scuba skills refresher course for those wishing to update or polish up their skills. Crucial diving equipment including Tanks, weights and weights belt are provided. Dungun Escapade Center also offers equipment for rent.

However, the rent for each item is subject to availability.

Seeking for a unique scuba experience in Pulau Tenggol? Contact us today for a customized scuba package. We are committed to providing unmatched scuba experience at affordable rates.