Scuba Diving Tenggol

Scuba Diving Tenggol

Scuba diving is one of the most fun activities to do when visiting beautiful Malaysia. Its coral reefs offer an extensive array of sea life, from beautiful coral fishes to the giant whale sharks.

Malaysia boasts one of the top beaches in the world. The country has made a name for itself as a world-class dive destination.

Malaysia has pristine wilderness area hidden beneath the surface of the sea, a wilderness just as diverse and exclusive as the beaches. The stunning turquoise waters of the beaches are home to a myriad of unmatched sea life. Scuba diving in Malaysia is generally done all year round, although visibility lessens during for a few months because of high seas and silting. The South China Sea waters are most pleasantly warm, thus perfect conditions for diving.

Explore the sea life and you will experience huge shoals of extensive species of fish. For those wishing to see giant species, Malaysia offers migratory pods of whales passing by the reefs. From untapped sites to easily accessible coral gardens, frenzies of sharks, turtles, friendly dolphins, caverns, stunning caves and mysterious wrecks, a Malaysian scuba experience offers a whole underwater experience.

Dungan Dive Resort is located near the river mouth in Terengganu. It is just a boat ride away from Pulau Tenggol, the main diving destination in the state.With exclusive and practically untapped surroundings, it is one of the best secrets for Scuba in Malaysia.

Pulau Tenggol offers pristine turquoise water conditions and exclusive sea life, making the island one of the best scuba diving locations in Peninsular Malaysia.  With utmost underwater splendour and uniqueness, Tenggol is a world-class diving site. We have partnered with friendly, experienced and proficient diving  experts to advise you for an unmatched diving experience.  A full range of courses is available to cater for a broad range of individuals, from beginner to professional. It is critical that you receive customized diving experience.

Pulau Tenggol is located in a strategic location on the Whale shark path. Tourists enjoy sightseeing the sharks, especially from August to October. Our experienced Divemaster and DiveGuide will help you enjoy the ultimate diving experience there. We also provide the right diving equipment rental per international standards. Diving agencies help establish good diving practices and course standards for ultimate safety while you dive.

Diving with the right scuba diving professionals will give you deep insight into best scuba diving skills, lessons, training, and certifications to make your bottom time safe, thrilling, and fulfilling. Dozens of world-class dive sites are just a few miles away from Dungan Dive Resort.

Whether you are seeking a unique scuba experience or want to enjoy the stunning beaches in Pulau Tenggol, contact us today for a customized package.