Tenggol Island Diving Sites

Tenggol Island Diving Sites

Malaysian island paradise of Pulau Tenggol and Nyireh are tropical islands full of great attractions.. The drift dives around Pulau Tenggol offers impressive visibility of between 15-20 meters. With its word class dive sites, Pulau Tenggol is certainly one of the best-kept secrets for diving in Malaysia. Its serene atmosphere and pristine warm waters makes it a diver’s paradise. On the other hand, Pulau Nyireh boasts a school of Barracuda, tuna, groupers, rays, and other diverse tropical marine life. It boasts beautiful reefs surrounded by marine life. Pulau Tenggol and Nyireh are perfect dive destination for divers who want extreme adventures under the beautiful mysterious sea.

A broad range of dive sites are available to suit divers of different experience and proficiency. The dive sites range from shallow and calm reef dives to deep. Wreck diving is available for the more adventurous divers seeking a more adrenaline full experience.

The dive sites around Tenggol Island and Nyireh have pristine water conditions and abundant marine life. Most of the reef remains untapped, thus making it an ideal spot for scuba diving.

House Wreck, Tenggol Island

Embedded with white sand at about 6.10m water, the wreck is well marked with a buoy. House wreck has soft corals making it a habitat for a broad range of fish such as Parrotfish, fin fusiliers, and butterfly fish. With minimal current, divers can explore up to 96 feet depth. The wreck has impressive visibility if around 48 feet.

Moonracker, Nyireh Island

It is one of the most amazing dive sites around Pulau Tenggol. The unique formation of coral includes abundant soft and feather corals, and hard coral structures 5-10 meters tall. The dive site also has a flat plateau that is popular with elusive turtles.

Tokong Laut, North of Nyireh Island

Due to its strong currents, Tokong Laut is suitable for the more advanced and experienced divers. Divers can sight batfish and turtles. Pelagic fish can also be sighted around the area. Tokong Laut is truly a world class dive site, with exquisite coral and rock formation.

Turtle Point, Tenggol Island

It is the perfect dive site for beginners and students. It is also a favourite for divers who want to refresh their diving skills after a break. The dive site is always calm with hardly any current. In this dive site, look for big hump head parrotfish nudibranch and turtles. The area also has a stunning stretch of soft and hard corals.

Amazing Grace, Nyireh Island

A favourite among many divers, Amazing Grace is one of the most spectacular dive sites around islands of Pulau Tenggol & Nyireh. It has both soft band hard corals, with sandy bottom in between. The southern and northern ends have beautiful rock formations. The dive site hosts an enviable range of marine life including batfish, turtles, schools of trevallies, blue spotted stingrays and even the elusive shovelnose ray.

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