Trekking And Hiking Dungun

Trekking And Hiking Dungun

Dungun is a pristine paradise for nature lovers, and trekking and hiking enthusiasts who want to experience the picturesque outdoors of peninsular Malaysia. From refreshing our minds to disconnecting from our screens, connecting with nature, appreciating breathtaking views, and even burning some calories. After days of living the busy city life, you need a healthy dose of exercise and fresh air to rejuvenate and get a sweat on, too. Dungun trekking and hiking tours offer just that!

The tours entail hiking to Chemerong – Berembun – Langsir (CBL) forest reserve. For experienced hikers, you can climb all the way up, which requires much stamina. This takes a minimum of 3 days. You can choose to hike around the waterfall area for about 8 hours.  The D’NEST trekking and hiking tours will take you to some of the best hiking trails that the east coast Peninsular Malaysia has to offer. After signing up for one of our hiking tours, we will drive you from our resort to the Chemerong – Berembun – Langsir (CBL) forest reserve, which takes about one and a half hours.

The natural splendor of the surrounding landscapes complements the rich biodiversity in the forests. Tree lovers will certainly be impressed by the beauty of the giant rainforest trees. With beautiful flora and fauna, the trail almost resembles something from the Jungle Book. Also, you get to visit the famous Chemorong Waterfall (370m) which is one of Malaysia’s highest waterfalls. Certainly, a breathtaking family-friendly trail, excellent for nature lovers. During the tour, refuel with some meals and refreshments which are included in the package.

If you are a hesitant or novice hiker, you don’t have much to worry about since the trails are well-defined and beginner friendly. You can either choose to hike a short stretch of the trail to wander or, if you fancy a challenging hike, you can take the trail in its entirety. We recommend preparing well if you plan on covering the entire trail.

If you want to go camping after your trekking and hiking excursions, D’NEST has the perfect camping grounds. The campsite can hold as many as 50 people in various types of tents. It’s family-friendly with proper toilets and showers. The campsite has two campfire sections where you can sit around the campfire and barbeque or roast marshmallows. A warm comfy bed will be ready for you whenever you need some well-deserved sleep.

Exhilarating and peaceful…what more could you and your loved ones ask for? Contact us for a memorable trekking and hiking trip in Dungun.